10, 2015.

Updated in 1:07 PM PDT about Thursday, Sep 10, 2015

Lucas Valley Highway was closed Thursday morning in both directions east regarding Large Rock following a big rig overturned and spilled an estimated 1,500 gallons associated with a fantastic read yellow paint on watershed property, authorities said.

Which estimate had been downgraded from the original 14,000 gallons that was originally reported through the Marin County Sheriff.

That's because while California Highway Patrol Officer Andrew Barclay stated 14,000 gallons regarding paint had been on the truck, it seems as if only 1,500 gallons spilled. He can additionally be unsure just just how much went right in to a close by creek, which can easily be in George Lucas property..

The big rig overturned in Lucas Valley Street throughout Marin County spilling 14,000 gallons of yellow paint in Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015.

Photo credit: NBC Bay area chopper

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A big rig overturned on Lucas Valley Highway in Marin County spilling 14,000 gallons of paint on Thursday, Sept